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Difference Between WordPress Posts and Pages

Ever wondered what is the difference between a page and a post in WordPress? Or ever wondered which of the two you should use and where? Read our WordPress blogger tip to find out the differences and learn which one to use and where.

How to run multiple websites on XAMPP on Windows

If you are a WordPress plugin or WordPress theme developer, or provide professional WordPress support from time to time you need to run multiple WordPress websites on the same XAMPP installation on Windows.  Multiple websites running on the same Apache web server are called Virtual Hosts. In this easy to follow tutorial we explain how to […]

How and Why to Use The Windows Hosts File

The Windows hosts file can be used to redirect requests from your computer to a website to another IP rather than the original IP or domain. In other words, if I want to run a test copy of the website on my laptop, I configure a lightweight web server on my computer and simply […]

How to Choose the Best Plugin for WordPress

When looking for a plugin for WordPress there are several things you should keep in mind. WordPress plugins are powerful scripts that plug in to your WordPress installation to extend the functionality of your WordPress blog or website, thus they are very powerful. WordPress plugins are open source; typically plugins are maintained by someone for […]

How to Find the Absolute Path on a Webserver Using PHP

Sometimes you need to know the full path or absolute path of a directory or a file stored on a web server. For example if you are using .htaccess file restrict access to the WordPress dashboard, you need to specify the absolute path of the .htpasswd file (Apache password file) in the .htacecss file or […]